About Me

I woke up one morning and said,

No longer will I compromise; no longer
will I settle! Today is the day I start living authentically
in every part of my career, business, and life.”

So, I quit my job and started an adventure
that would reveal my true passion and
mission on this earth.


To empower women to live their authentic lives without apology, exactly the way they want in career, business and in life!

It all started with my exit from corporate America, which came with a big push, make that a shove, in the right direction. In 2005, I was working for a reputable investment company with a salary that provided for me and my daughter. One day, my boss called me into her office and let me know I was “too sensitive for the job…didn’t really fit in.” After the crying and intense soul searching, I knew this was it. I was done! I no longer wanted to feel ashamed, embarrassed, less than, not enough, and damaged due to my sensitivity. I went on a search for a career that would allow me to use my gift of sensitivity to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

Rachel Freemon Sowers squatting barefoot in a rocky creek

For ten years, I served children, teens, and adults as a Marriage and Family Therapist. I supported these individuals in moving through pain and suffering caused by severe trauma. As I experienced these individuals, it became apparent that more than the mind was involved in this type of healing. I immersed myself in the study of Mind-Body Medicine, gaining more knowledge and adopting techniques that made my service to others even more significant. I felt blessed for these experiences, knowing they were propelling me forward…yet, there was still more to be done.

Rachel Freemon Sowers standing in creek arms raised in a V

It became laser clear it was time to fully align my profession with my passion. I have a master’s degree in counseling and psychology, a clinical license, specialized training in alternative healing, and my Ph.D. in Mind-Body Medicine is a work in progress. I have followed my own process of self-discovery and can say I am comfortable in my own skin. My mind is thriving. I am experiencing abundance in my finances, in my relationships, and in every other aspect of my life. So, do I really want to shelve all those letters behind my name to go for it one more time and take on the title of Integrative Life Empowerment Coach?
Two words: hell yes!

Rachel Freemon Sowers wearing You Got This t-shirtMy Story is Important

My story says I am qualified.
I am experienced.
And I am passionate about helping women
get the gift of themselves back.

Within the last few years, I have taken all the experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and gifts that I have and started working to empower women to live authentically in their career, business, and life. My work with women is about foundational shifts that have lifelong effects. Through the specific techniques I use in my sessions, I witness women making magnificent shifts in success.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Coaches?

What sets me apart from other coaches is a unique and powerful combination of sensitivity and strategy. I am sensitive and I am
a sensitive, embracing my little inner voice, my intuition, my own divine knowing to help other women commune with their divine knowing. In mentoring professional women and entrepreneurs, I build strong relationships of trust and compassion, I throw in a little “kick ass,” and I offer a whole lot of strategy for developing systems for creating a sustainable career or business.

Remember that gift of sensitivity? I use it each and every day and I’ve built a successful, badass business. I am thankful for my mother, who nurtured my sensitivity and gently encouraged me to build strength, self-sufficiency, confidence, and determination in myself. The summer she helped launch my first small business, Clownin’ Around Town, was pivotal; with $450 I bought new school clothes and my entrepreneurial spirit was born! Who else? Oh, yeah, the former boss who ushered me out of corporate America. But, most of all, I am thankful for the brilliant women I am privileged to assist in creating lasting transformations.

That’s my story. Now, I’d be honored to hear more about your story, your desires and dreams for your career, business, or life. Find out how you can flourish with the support and guidance you need to create a career or business while living with fierce confidence, laser clarity, and passionate purpose!

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