“I had been working with Rachel for close to three months when we decided to make a future plan. My choices were to work on our determined goals on my own, continue working with Rachel on a monthly basis, or commit to the three month contract. I really had no trouble choosing; I knew that I wanted to continue on the path we had charted. I had gained so many tools and strategies in the previous three months and now it was time to start using them. I knew working with Rachel for a second three months would bring an even deeper sense of continuity to my life.

The second three months have been amazing, in that, the trust I have developed for Rachel, the environment and the practice allows me to identify and access the tools that fit the need. I have learned to be patient and open my mind and heart to possibilities. My previous approach to any problem or dilemma was to think, think, think and do, do, do, always motivated by fear!

Now I am able to tap into my own sources to create the outcomes I want in my life. I use visualization, imagery and breath work to shape my own unique life path.  I have the belief that there are answers before me that I may not see right away, and then trust that they will reveal themselves in good time. Surprisingly, I’m ok with that.” Margie McAleer

“The first three months Rachel really helped me first to understand who I was without any labeling from anyone else. By labeling, I mean that I had enabled myself to be who I thought would make others happy. She asked me what I wished for, what I wanted and what the word ‘me’ meant to me. What’s crazy is that I had a hard time answering them. As I found who I truly was we then worked on how the old me would relate to others as the new me.

After three months, I began to think ‘I’m good, feeling good, I know who I am, I know what I want.’ But, as I started back into those relationships, I found how easy it was to slip back into old patterns that were familiar, safe, easy. I needed Rachel‘s constant support and to be held accountable so that my new authentic approach to life would be solid and, hopefully, forever. The biggest benefit to continuing after is Rachel‘s constant support and encouragement and belief in me. It’s amazing how easy it is to slip and feel inadequate; after all, I spent 52 years doing it!

My level of transformation increased dramatically because I finally started to believe; I started to feel peace and confidence within, something I had always admired in other women. I have always considered that the ultimate prize!” Joelle Pope

“I want to talk about Rachel’s Bad Ass Beliefs workshop that I attended at the end of last year. Because of my attendance at this week-long workshop (I attended online in the evenings), I have: Developed three Bad Ass Beliefs to focus and manifest my desired feelings. One focused on my business, another on my health, and a third on sharing financial responsibilities with my husband.

I have done affirmations for myself in the past, but participating in the workshop gave a greater impetus to my feelings and helped me express my beliefs with Passion.

Now I have developed a habit of stating my BABs with passion each morning and going within to seek divine guidance for my day with my beliefs in the forefront of my mind. I encourage you to dive into the pool with other attendees. You will be supported and learn how powerful you really are. ‘The water is fine.'” Susan Smith

“I wanted to take the time to say thank you. What you have done for me I cannot put into words. Since working with you on bringing balance into my life, I have been able to enjoy my marriage, my children and my life. I am trusting myself so much more that I even surprise myself. Both of my businesses are doing so well, but, more importantly I am enjoying them so much more. I cannot wait to work with you again in the near future. Thank you again for what you have given me. The opportunity to see my own strength, courage and develop trust in myself.” Valentina, Owner of Valentina’s Cake Design

“AMEN! SO needed to hear this! Thank you for your wise words and encouragement!”
Adrienne, Truth Serum Tuesday Participant

There have been a lot of changes for me, and driven by me. I want to thank you for guiding me. I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated you waking me up. Realizing that making the important things important was SUCH a game changer. I think of things you said often. I have and continue to quote you many times. Lol. Most importantly I want to say, thank you Rachel. You’re impactful and I am grateful for your influence.” Kristen, Coaching Services Client

A 90-minute investment that launched me out of a nearly four year creative stall. Some people need to get back on the bike or back on the wagon, but I was desperate to get back on my book. Thanks to Rachel Freemon Sowers Authentic Women Living on Purpose webinar, I was able to identify specific issues that had been blocking my great desire to finish my manuscript and take this book all the way to publication. Rachel proved to be an expert guide, a masterful coach, and I am grateful to be “unstuck,” plugged in and writing again! All in a single 90-minute session? That’s right. Ninety life-changing minutes.” Deborah Peel, Authentic Women Living on Purpose: Introductory Webinar Attendee

“In just a short time, you have changed my world and made it a better place to be.
I look forward to not squirming in my chair, to be 100 percent sure of myself and who I am.” Joelle

“Rachel is an insightful, authentic coach and human being! I instantly felt drawn to her, open, loving heart. She has offered me clear, structured and highly intuitive guidance on ways to gain clarity for my own practice. I am grateful for Rachel’s gifts and I highly recommend her!” Ruby

“When I came to Rachel I was looking for the ability to release pain from the past. I was unable to live the way that I truly wanted to because I felt alone, unloved, and uncertain of myself. With the help of Rachel, I learned how to calm my inner fears, listen to my body, and face life with a new assertiveness that I never had before. I am now confident in my own knowing of myself, and believe that starts with self-love. I am able to face situations with ease, that in the past would have caused me tremendous fear. I am beyond thankful that I was able to work with Rachel, as she truly helped me to tap into my inner strength, and be definitive in the kind of woman that I want to be.” Leslie