Truth Serum Tuesday: Having the courage to be true to yourself and maintain your integrity

Recently I had a conversation with another business women who she suggested I do a "bait and switch" to get more exposure to women who may want my services.

Have you ever done a "bait and switch"? No, I am not talking about bribing your kids to eat their veggies or putting your dog's medication in a hotdog! I am talking about doing something where you are knowingly misleading someone about an event or situation in order to try and 'sell' something to them. This can be either in a business or a personal context.

This is something that doesn't fit with my authentic way of being and my ethics and integrity. However suggestions such as this can cause feelings of fear and scarcity to surface and momentarily allow thoughts to arise such as 'How do I live and run a business in integrity when I feel like there are so many people who are willing to "bait and switch"?' or 'Can my business be successful without doing that when so many others are?'.

So how do we stay true to ourselves and run our businesses and live our lives in alignment with our authentic way of being when we see others having success with less ethical approaches? Check out the video below for an honest and open conversation with me and other intelligent, ambitious, driven, and soulful women about integrity in life and business.