Truth Serum Tuesday: Breathing into the possibility that we can be true to ourselves and still be safe

Many of us will have had experiences in our lives where we didn’t feel safe speaking our truth. Whether it was not being able to express our view or perspective on something, or not being able to speak up about something we experienced. Over time this can create a patterned way of being that tells us that to stay safe we need to stay quiet or live in line with other’s expectations instead of being able to speak our truth.

I invite you to breathe into the possibility that you can be true to yourself and still be safe.

In this TST episode we continue our explorations of how we are showing up in our lives the way we want to. We talk about being in flow, managing the ebb and flow of life, and sustaining energy, attention, and intention when we spend a prolonged period in a flow state.

Check out the video below and join the conversation with the beautiful and inspiring ladies of This Authentic Fempreneur Life.