Truth Serum Tuesday: Honoring your gifts

Do you have a gift that you have kept private to yourself, or only shared with a few trusted friends, out of fear of what other people may think or say about it?

Claiming and acknowledging our unique gifts can make us feel very vulnerable. However they also hold the key to stepping into our power and realizing our full potential.

In this TST episode I share a gift of mine that I have kept hidden away. This is a super vulnerable moment for me but it is worth the risk because I know that claiming and acknowledging this gift more publicly will allow me to help more people in the most effective and efficient way possible.

Check out the video below to hear my story and the experiences of other women in the RFS community. We talk about our hidden gifts, how we can get more comfortable with acknowledging them, and complete an exercise with Angel and Primal Voice cards to help guide us in this process.