Truth Serum Tuesday: Less Striving, More Arriving

Have you ever said to yourself, "How long will I have to wait until _________ (I feel confident, happy, calm)?"
"As soon as I ____________ (reach said goal) I will know, feel, and be enough."?

This TST episode is all about less striving and more arriving! If you are tired of waiting around for "something to happen" to be or feel enough then this video is for you.

We are having an honest and open discussion about the frustrations of "striving" and not "arriving" and how we can change things up.

We had some great interaction this week. Women are ready to feel "confident, independent, passionate, focused, positive, productive, connected" and so much more!

So if you missed it live check it out! Leave a comment. You never know who you will inspire by just being you.


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