Truth Serum Tuesday: Releasing the resistance and tuning in to feeling good

Why do we put off the "good" feelings? Is it because we don't want to hurt someones else's feelings? Is it because we feel we don't deserve to "feel good" the majority of our life? Or is it because our culture has always told us we need to experience pain before a know the saying "No pain, No gain". Well in this video we are talking about our resistance to experiencing our "good" feelings and how to experience them more. We also explore the difference between "self-sabotage" and life "just happening".

Every day women come to me and talk about how they want to be more "happy", "fulfilled", experience more love for themselves and move through life with more ease. If you have wondered why you cannot or are having difficulty "truly experiencing" the good feelings and experiences you want then this video is for you!

Stop waiting to feel "good". You can feel "good" NOW.

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