Truth Serum Tuesday: When the joy of giving is not so joyful

n this TST episode we are exploring when the joy of giving is not so joyful. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by "giving"? Have you experienced resentment because "giving" had become an expectation, or you just want to "give" in your own way?

Giving is generally a source of great joy. There's something incredibly special and uplifting about being able to use your time or resources to bring pleasure or ease suffering for someone. As we go into the holiday season, giving in many forms becomes top of mind. Mostly we will be excited by the opportunities to make a difference in the lives of those around us. However sometimes we'll find ourselves feeling annoyed or resentful, not because we don't want to give, but because of expectations around what, when, how much and to whom we "should" give.  And truly, this is just as relevant in everyday life as much as it is during the holidays.

Watch this open and honest discussion for some great insights on how to bring the joy back and share your worries, frustrations and joys about giving in the comments.


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