Get in the know...more fabulousness is coming!

Wow! What a ride 2018 has been so far! So much amazing stuff happening behind the scenes at RFS HQ that'll be making it's way out into the light of day soon! And, to be honest, some downright boring and annoying stuff that we've had to deal with to keep up to date with changing regulations and the like. You know how it is running a business ladies...

Anyways, we thought it was about time to update you on some of the fabulous stuff that's been happening and is coming up soon...

New FREE resources

If you didn't catch it, earlier in the year we launched an awesome new freebie: 5 Steps to Experience Unmistakable Success in Business and in Life. These are simple but powerful steps you can take that will create laser clarity, quickly identify what is holding you back, and allow you to experience unmistakable success in your business and life. If you haven't grabbed your copy already you really should. You can download it HERE absolutely FREE.

We're also currently working on a second new free resource that I know you're going to love. Keep an eye out for that launching in the next few weeks.

Branding update and Website refresh

Ashly (love you girl!) has been working hard on a revamp of the Rachel Freemon Sowers branding and complete redesign of the website. It's amazing! Full of delicious soulful luxuriousness! I'm so excited to share it with you all. We'll be launching it in the coming months...AND...we'll be having a party to celebrate, so keep any eye out for the details on that! Here's a little taste of what's coming:

website taste-01.png

Special secret squirrel projects

We're also currently working on a couple of secret squirrel projects, and honestly I'm about to ready to burst on them! I can't wait to share the details with you! Keep an eye out for future emails with more details and a little friendly competition we'll be running for the launch of one of them (ssshhhh, don't could get yours for free!)...

You asked for it...we're answering and it's going to be big!

A few weeks ago some of the ladies within the This Authentic Fempreneur Life Facebook group who are local to me in Redding asked if I would organize a physical meet-up for those from the group who can attend. I think this is a fabulous idea and so we're going to combine this with the official launch for the rebranding and new website, reveal of our two secret squirrel projects AND a general celebration of the continued growth of This Authentic Fempreneur Life and have one massive party in late summer. It is going to be A-MAZING. Make sure you're subscribed to my mailing list and keep your eyes on your inbox for all the details!