New Moon Awakenings: Empowered Body - I honor my body as a sacred temple

Do you want to have a more powerful and empowered relationship with your body? Were you able to join us last Tuesday for May's ew Moon Awakenings? If not, I strongly recommend you check out the recording of this awesome session below. And even if you did join us, I urge you to take the time and watch the recording again, because I know that you will get even more from it a second time around.

We had a powerful exploration of our relationship with our body and how we can release past traumas and judgments, and build our acceptance and love of our body.

No matter whether you currently have a terrible, good, or great relationship with your body I know you will find meaningful and inspirational insights to further strengthen and build that relationship.

Check it out and join the conversation with the wonderful ladies of This Authentic Fempreneur Life: