Truth Serum Tuesday: Authentic emotional expression

When was the last time you found yourself nodding your head in agreement instead of speaking your truth in business, work or life?

You know those time when you kept your head down, or agreed because it was "less work", or maybe you felt emotional and didn't want to say anything because the tears may start streaming out.

In all my years as a therapist where emotions are supposed to be okay (for our clients at least) they really weren't considered to be okay for the therapist. It didn't matter if my boss was male or female my emotions were clearly disturbing to others.

So what did I do? What do you do? That is what we are exploring in this TST episode!

If you have ever felt yourself not showing your emotions, hiding them or being embarrassed by them, then make sure to check out this video and join in the conversation with the other fabulous women of This Authentic Fempreneur Life.