Truth Serum Tuesday: Pride without prejudice

One of the ways I identify topics for TST is by noticing 'themes' in the questions and issues that are coming up with the women I work with. Recently I have been hearing a lot of statements like "I don't want to sound conceited" or "I don't want to be boastful" or "I don't want to make other people feel bad because I'm having success or feeling success in my life".

In my experience, we as women often haven't been taught how we can talk about our successes or how to celebrate each other's successes.

In this TST episode we're talking about how to recognize and share your successes with heartfelt confidence and without your own judgement, and I share some "sentence stems" - ways that you can start out a sentence to talk about your success without feeling like you're being conceited or boastful.

Watch the video below and join the conversation with the other phenomenal women of This Authentic Fempreneur Life.