Truth Serum Tuesday: Why wait when you can have it now

I have been "jolted" once more on the reasons why life is too short. Hence our topic tonight...Why wait, when you can have it now.

"Then I will be happy, relieved, excited, 'whole'".

How many times have you found yourself saying something like this.

"Well just until the kids are in high school, college, out of the house, married…" goes on and on.

Cutting edge science now tells us that positive feelings are a pre-curser to success not the other way around!

If you have been in This Authentic Feminine Life for a while you know this is not a new topic and yet every day women are still waiting to feel the way they want to feel, have what they want to have and live the way they want to live.

If you identify with this, then check out this Truth Serum Tuesday episode in This Authentic Fempreneur Life.