New Moon Awakenings: Liberation Through Forgiveness - I forgive, I let go, I set myself free

Wow! Sometimes even I am surprised by the potent and tangible impacts of our gatherings!

On July 12th our Global Sisterhood Circle gathered to celebrate New Moon Awakenings with the theme of "Liberation Through Forgiveness: I forgive, I let go, I set myself free".

Forgiveness is something that many people struggle a lot with, and especially women. Often the biggest challenges we face in forgiving are less in forgiving the actions or words of others who have hurt us, and more in forgiving ourselves for our doubts, fears, and perceived mistakes.

In this NMA we explored how holding on to this self-judgment hurts not only us, but also those around us, and the ways we are better able to care for ourselves and others when we can let go and set ourselves free.

We completed a visualization exercise that I know was powerful for all the ladies present - myself included! I found myself the next day with a lightness of spirit and having the most amazingly creative and productive day. This stuff really works ladies!

Check out the recording below and join the conversation with the other wonderful women of This Authentic Fempreneur Life in the comments.