Truth Serum Tuesday: The role of mirror neurons in relationships

Did you do our power pose challenge from the last TST? In this episode we are checking in on the manifesting we did last week and sharing our experiences with the power pose challenge. Make sure to share your experiences with us in the comments while you're watching - you never know who you might inspire or encourage.

We also explore the role of "mirror neurons" in relationships with ourselves and others and how they affect our communication. We talk about what to do when we are overwhelmed with someone else's emotion and explore how to stay grounded in our own selves.

And as you'll know if you saw my email on Wednesday last week, our usual card pulling had a special twist this week...if you haven't caught up on that news yet then be sure to watch the're going to love what you see!
Check out the video below and join the conversation with the other amazing women of This Authentic Fempreneur Life!