TST Ep106 Full Moon Clearing: Freedom!

Welcome to TST episode 106 where it is Full Moon Clearing time!

This month's full moon was another Super Moon and it is said to be the biggest moon of the year.

There is no better time than the present to clear away the things that are no longer serving you.

This Full Moon is in Virgo and the theme is FREEDOM! This Full Moon goes beautifully with the New Moon we had on Feb 4th. Goals can now be fine-tuned or completed. It is harvest time, according to astrologyking.com:

β€œThis is a strong, sexy, and daring full moon. It is time to break free from limiting conditions, let your hair down and take a few risks.”

Time to let the fear go, open the mind, see the possibilities, and make it happen.

Grab a pen and paper or your favorite journal and get ready to clear out the clutter!