TST Ep 109: Full Moon Clearing and a special guest!

“Zero is the number of infinite potential, and it’s no coincidence that the March Full Moon falls at zero degrees of Libra.”

This TST episode is all about the March full moon and the exciting opportunities it brings that will make you feel more alive and free. Many separate things which have confused, scared, or depressed you will seem to come together and make sense. It should restore your faith that God, or the Universe, does have a plan for you.

We also have a special guest! Jacqueline De'Ath is a Canadian fempreneur who I met at BBD Live earlier this year, and she joins us to share some insights into her entrepreneurial journey.

If you have been wanting to release the beliefs that have been holding you back make sure to check out this inspiring video of release and empowerment to live your fullest life.