Turth Serum Tuesday Ep 122: Releasing and recharging

I don't know about you, %FIRSTNAME%, but in the last week I have been feeling the ups and downs of the Full Moon. There's been some crazzzzzy energies around! I have to admit I have been a little unhinged. In business and life.
In this TST episode we release all of that energy with a visualization and explore how to recharge when it seems like the least optimal time to do it. You know those times when you say you are too busy, too tired, too _________. You fill in the blank.
The truth is there will not always be an "optimal time" to recharge, so we better learn how to do it when we need to. Believe me I have been faced with this challenge 100x this last week.
Check out the video below and join the conversation with the other ambitious, driven, and intelligent individuals of the RFS community.