Truth Serum Tuesday Ep 124: Humanness

In this TST episode we are talking about "humanness". You know that thing that ultimately communicates that we care, we notice and hear each other. I have been out of my 8-5 job for a while now and I have to say it has caused me to notice more and more the reasons I left. While I watch friends and family struggle with not feeling valued, trying to work in a male dominated culture and strive to create more freedom in business and life, well...I can get a little riled up to say the least.

This honest conversation is not about fighting for what is "yours" or "mine" it is about honoring the humanness of each other. If you are in a job where you are tired of fighting, constantly "proving yourself" or just tired of fighting the "system" there is a better way.

Engage your vulnerable and honest self with this video and you won't be disappointed.

Join me on this exploration of how knowing yourself and "embracing" what you know to be true is the simplest way to move forward and have the career or business you want.