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Welcome to Mindset Mastery! Congratulations on making this investment and commitment to yourself.

Mindset Mastery is a bundle of 3 live 90-minute workshops that has been intentionally designed and curated to help intelligent, ambitious, driven and soulful women like you move through transformational change with ease and balance. 

In addition to the live workshops each workshop has a variety of supporting materials to help you get the very best from your experience. You not only have unlimited access to all of these materials for the entire 6 months of your membership, you also have the opportunity to attend additional live workshops within this period.

My guarantee and promise to you is that I will be here during this journey.  I will be here to answer your questions, to walk with you through the difficult times, and do a mini dance session in celebration of your successes.

You do not have to do this alone. You will be supported by me and other brilliant women just like you.

Get started now by taking a few minutes to watch the welcome video to the right, and then click on the link below to begin to dig in to the Vision Roadmap Workshop materials! The materials for the second two workshops will be released shortly prior to the live workshop.


If you have any questions or problems at any time please do not hesitate to reach out to me and my team.
We are here to support you!
Email us anytime at rachel@rachelfreemonsowers.com.


Vision Roadmap Workshop

Bad Ass Belief Workshop (materials available November 2nd)

Manifest Now Workshop (materials available November 9th)