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Powerful by Design is a carefully curated selection of offerings to meet you wherever you are on your journey to creating a side hustle, business, and professional life that thrives.

The Collective: The place where driven people gather together and team up with me to take action to grow and build their businesses and professional lives. You’ll get the education, challenges, and resources you need to focus your attention on the tasks that will help you create the freedom, movement, and income you desire. I’m excited to support you all the way - how and when you need it, Find out more about The Collective

Professional Coaching: Personalized one-on-one coaching packages for those looking for a greater level of personalized support and mentoring. Find out more about Professional Coaching

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You have a burning desire, a knowing that there is more out there.

You are ready to explore and find out how to create more freedom and income in your life. 

Well I've got your back. For the last 5 years I have helped driven and ambitious individuals take their ideas and turn them into side hustles and businesses with strategies and systems that build a strong foundation for sustainable growth and income. 

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My passion is helping professionals discover the perfect side hustle and revive their business or professional lives. I have transitioned my professional life to a new career, then ran a side hustle while I was employed full-time, then turned that side hustle into a thriving business. I have learned a lot of lessons, made a lot of mistakes and the good news is, now you don't have to. 

I have poured the 15+ years of knowledge that I have gathered from working with hundreds of individuals and investing thousands of dollars in the lastest courses, programs, and resources into one place. Because I know how precious time and energy are in this life. 

There is no need for you to spend thousands of dollars or to keep worrying about where to start or find the information you need. The Collective is where insight, clarity, and confidence will equal success. All you need to do is take the first step. 

It's time to team up, with someone who knows and believes that your success is inevitable.


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