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Level up

It's time to collect the tools you need to elevate yourself to the next level of your business and life. We work together to create a customized plan to arm you with what you need to finally move through blocks from the past, while being able to forge ahead with renewed fierce confidence. Our powerful work together is designed to propel you in the right direction and see results fast.

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I think I’ve always had this fierce confidence within me. But being able to bring it out and be proud of it, that’s been a really positive change for me after working with Rachel. Just realizing that I’ve had it all along and I’ll always have it, that’s a really cool feeling.
— A.W.

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The Rise Up, Lean In, and Soar Collective is a collective of intelligent, ambitious, driven and soulful women. It is also an intentionally curated collection of courses and workshops to help and support transformational journeys for those women. It is information, resources, tools, support, and community.

This Fall we released the first offering of the Rise Up, Lean In and Soar Collective: Mindset Mastery. We are excited to bring you the next offering early in the New Year. Sign up to my mailing list to be first to hear all the details as soon as they are released!


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Looking for a place to hang out with intelligent, ambitious and driven women, just like you?

It's a group of amazing women who love to inspire and be inspired without judgement. Click here to join.

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If you’re ready to claim your time, your power, and your unmistakable success, I can show you how to get there.

As a High-Performance Mindset Strategist I can help you create a custom roadmap to put yourself back in the driver’s seat and headed where you want to go. Through my 15+ years working as a Psychotherapist, I’ve guided hundreds of successful fempreneurs, and I know the unique struggles you face. Working closely with so many women has enabled me to identify a number of common threads that hold women back from experiencing unmistakable success. I have used these threads to develop and curate a set of core tools to help you carve your own unique path to success with ease, laser clarity, and fierce confidence.

Click here to download five simple steps that will create laser clarity, quickly identify what is holding you back, and allow you to experience unmistakable success in your business and life.

Since working with Rachel, I’m able to recognize what’s in my control and what’s not in my control. She’s guided me in some very high-level thinking and processing and I now have tangible skills I can use to manage stress, set and re-set goals as needed, establish clear boundaries, and identify and relay my goals to others.
— K.D.